November 23, 2016

Fabric Design Inspiration


At A Line Fabrics we love to talk about all the things that make fabric and sewing great. One of those things is the inspiration that goes behind the

Cloud9 Garden Secrets
Garden Secrets

various fabric designs and where artists get their inspiration. If you take a look at any number of fabric prints and designs you’ll see how frequent nature makes an appearance, from furry woodland creatures, birds, ocean scenes, and more.


We could spend all day coming up with examples – but we won’t bore you with that. So we decided to create a short series on fabric design inspiration whether it be in nature or otherwise. Take a look at that snail (which is actually a tad bigger than a pinky nail), not only is she beautiful but the colors and patterns on the shell are pretty awesome. Metallic Stripes Quilt Gate

What fabric design inspiration have you noticed lately?

Until next time…

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Kesha is our resident expert on fabric, sewing, and fun DIY projects. She writes about sewing, patterns, and fun projects. She also likes to write about local events featuring fabric, design inspiration, and more.

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