February 18, 2017

Sewing Challenge: Fitted Dress

Hey there! I know this post is late but I have managed to keep myself on track as far as the actual challenge goes. Between snowy and wet weather there have been lots of things going on in terms of sewing. Did you manage to finish a couple new projects yet? When we left off last I was making a dress using a scuba knit from a McCall’s pattern: M7085. I finished it and hit a few speed bumps along the way…but hey that’s too be expected right? Some projects are easy peasy and others make you want to pull out your hair.

View F

To make a long story short, the pattern and dress itself were very easy to follow. As usually most of my time was spent cutting out the project, sewing and lining of the contours – which I choose to intentionally line up a little differently than some of you may have. Overall the dress and fit turned out nicely. The sleeves were troublesome…this was my first time sewing in sleeves and I think I took them out at least twice – a big thank you to my son Chris for helping remove one in 5 minutes (it took me an hour)!!

Second attempt at adding sleeves

I will make more dresses with this pattern but next time no print and I’ll likely add the liner, unless I use a very dark fabric. I say that every time but somehow get sucked right back in!! It’s great when everything turns out awesome but the road getting there isn’t always easy, especially in sewing. Here is a picture of the final version, I apologize for the picture quality – it was late and I forgot to take a picture earlier in the evening.

Final version

What have you been working on? I’m sure I’ve missed plenty of lovely and creative Valentine’s Day projects.

Next up… Floral Bomber Jacket

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