January 5, 2017 Week 1 Project - Wristlet

Week 1 Sewing Projects – Part 1

Week 1 projects of 2017 are officially underway. Sadly, I’m already running behind but I’m determined to get these projects done. I made a couple of minor changes – the clutch is now a wristlet, I wanted to add a strap to make it easier to carry. Sewing Project Week 1I also changed my skirt to a dress but that’s about it. As for my blouse it’s ready to be cut. I’m making pretty good time so far even if I am playing catch up. The wristlet…was easy enough but I think in the future I’ll change up the shape a bit (think burrito) maybe something rounder or a little more boxy. But, it didn’t turn out too bad. The fabric is my favorite part of this project. Seriously, who doesn’t like Little Red Riding Hood??

This project is pretty straight forward:

1. Fabric piece for the body

2. Lining

Medium weight interfacing
Looks like a fish

3. Interfacing, leave yourself about 1/4 or so between the interfacing and main fabric – this is your seam allowance.

4. Strap (optional)

5. Closures, I decided to go with a magnetic snap. Tip*An easy way to keep this little guy in place is by using little transparent tape. Makes it easy to score your fabric to attach the closure too!

6. Fuse your interfacing to the main fabric. Add the female half of your closure to the top of the lining 3/4 of an inch from your seam allowance is plenty. Attach the male half to the front of the main fabric about an inch from the fold line.

7. Now, your ready to attach the lining, pin right sides together leaving a gap wide enough to turn your bag right side out and sew, try to avoid sewing over your interfacing.

8.  Clip the edges and trim the seam allowance before turning to reduce bulk.

9. Press your seams and get all your corners out. Lastly, line up your edges and matching circles and topstitch to edge(s).

All done! I’ll have to remember to take more pics of some of those steps next. This is still a pretty easy project and doesn’t take much time from start to finish.

Off to start on project #2…until next time!

What exciting projects are you working on this week?

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