November 8, 2016

5 Easy Holiday Sewing Projects

5 Easy Holiday Sewing ProjectsHey there, with Halloween out-of-the-way it’s time to get serious about those holiday sewing projects you’ve been thinking about. Whether you are making handmade gifts or updating your holiday style; we have 5 easy projects that will make even a beginner look like a master.

1. Christmas Stockings
No doubt this one is pretty straight forward and an easy favorite. You can a find hundreds of patterns and tutorials (or make your own) online. Check out our free stocking and tree skirt project here. Pinterest is also a great place to find ideas. The best part about making Christmas stockings is that they don’t require a lot of fabric and you can sew or glue on simple or elaborate embellishments – definitely a confidence booster!

2. Tree Skirttreeskirt
As with the Christmas stockings your choice of patterns and tutorials are near endless.The best part about making a tree skirt is that it’s a very forgiving project. Here’s one I made a couple years back and thought I’d try my hand at it again this year with some of our fabrics from the Festive Collection. Maybe add some ruffles, what do you think? I found the skirt to be pretty darn easy for my first time. I simply decided how big I wanted it and drew a half circle the old school geometry way with a pencil and string.

3. Pajama Bottoms…
are awesome and you may find making them for the little ones a little easier your first time that is until you whip out your first pair and realize you have been scared for all the wrong reasons. You can buy already made patterns or  make your own using an existing pair. You can find some great ideas on our Sewing Tips and Ideas Pinterest board.pillowcases

4. Pillowcases
Pillowcases are another quick and easy project. Just sew a few straight lines and you are done. You can mix and match your fabrics any way you like and you can use any pillow you have for the perfect fit.

5. Placemats
Last on our list, this project is sure to get the conversation going during any meal. Placemats are a simple project that make a big statement and another way to add a personal touch. Its easy enough for you to decide what shape you want, big or small, and get started. You might find yourself stressing over the corners, but you guessed it – there are tutorials for that too!

Well that’s all for today! I have several projects on my list; hopefully. this will be the motivation to get started so I can post an update soon. What projects are you currently working on or have on your list? Follow us on Pinterest for more ideas

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