January 23, 2017

Sewing Challenge: Flared Skirt

Hey guys! January has been a very busy month but I am very excited about this week’s sewing project, a flared skirt for our sewing challenge. It is a lovely skirt that seriously took me an afternoon to make. That’s right, my project for the week is already done and I enjoyed it so much I decided I would make another.

My favorite part about the sewing project this week is that I used a curtain panel that I picked up last Friday on a trip to the Goodwill (reluctantly I might add). Not that I don’t like the Goodwill, I just have to be in the mood to sift through the items.

Back side of panel

I actually love finding items to re-purpose and refashion. It’s a great way to reuse and recycle, as well as helping the planet. I will share more re-purposing projects as the year goes on and the weather warms up. I have two wingback chairs waiting to be reupholstered that I also purchased second hand.

As I was leaving I decided I’d make a stop and check for any fabric, patterns or panels I could use…and voila’! 4 panels for less than $8, can’t beat that. They are 100% cotton and originally from Ikea, I can’t say from what year or season.

Curtain Panel

I immediately decided to use my new fabric to make a skirt – I thought the design would look awesome and I was right. I immediately washed and pressed the fabric. The skirt pattern I used is: McCall’s 7197 view C. I cut a size 10 this time around to make sure it actually fit. As easy as the pattern was to read and the skirt was to sew, I spent more time trying to fit the pattern to the panel because it wasn’t quite wide enough. I wanted the print at the bottom of the skirt and on the straps for the bow, with just a touch on the front band. Sadly, in all my excitement I didn’t take many pictures. By the time I remember I was already sewing the interfaced facing to the skirt. I like to use pink or blue chalk, makes it easier for me to see.

Front facing with markings

The panel/fabric was very easy to sew, I didn’t run into any problems – not even with the zipper! I’m happy to share the finished version. I have to say it turned out really great!! Here is a shot from the front with the bow tied on the side.

Curtain panel/skirt
Skirt front
Bow tied in the back

I love the bow, which can be worn to the side or to the back. Which do you prefer? The skirt has to hang for 24 hours to allow the bias to rest and drape before sewing the hem. It gave me time to start the second skirt, same pattern! I used a cotton fabrics sold by A Line Fabrics, Darling Starling. It turned out very pretty. There’s that bow again!

Skirt 2 (Darling Starling)
Front of skirt


Skirt two just needs the facings, zipper and hem before it’s completed. What do you think? I hope you’ll share your projects. I am planning to make a dress next week using another McCall’s pattern and a knit fabric. Be sure to come check it out!

Until then…

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