January 30, 2017

Sewing Challenge: Monthly Roundup


We have successfully started/completed five weeks of sewing projects. I’d say the 2017 sewing challenge is off to a great start, wouldn’t you? I thought I’d roundup the month’s projects with a quick recap and share my last sewing project for the month. You can revisit some of the projects here

Week 1: Clutch – not bad, it came together nicely. Although, I wasn’t crazy about the shape of the clutch itself I loved both fabrics and adding the magnetic clasp was easy too.

Week 2: A Line Dress – Ahh, what can I say another simplicity pattern giving me a hard time. It should have been fairly simple but with all of the darts and contours I had to add more fabric to literally cover my behind…overall it was still an enjoyable project and the fitting in the but area turned out nicely.

Week 3: Hmm, I’d say the least of my favorites this month. Nothing major to report on this one it was just…boring. I will definitely use a different fabric, something more flowing. I think I will also go up a size to help add some volume as well.

Week 4: Ahh, my best week of the month. I not only finished one fabulous skirt, I made two!! You can check out that blog post here. I used the same pattern for both, M7197. One skirt was made using a recycled curtain panel originally from Ikea, the other was made using Darling Starling.

Week 5: Fitted Dress, this week’s challenge is using another McCall pattern (no affiliation) M7085. I’m using a scuba knit ponte. If you haven’t used Ponte a scuba knit before, you’ll love it. It’s very easy to work with, sturdy, and perfect for so many different garments. The pattern itself is for a lined dress, I’m skipping the liner this time around. It’s off to a good start most of my time has been spent matching the design (always the case) and adjusting the contours so that the designs match up. I’m also sewing in sleeves and adding ease – a first for me.

View F

I’ve learned a lot this month. I’ve sewn zippers in at least 3 of my projects – I’ve pretty much mastered the quick and easy zipper. I’ve also sewn lots of darts and contours this month, definitely more than before so that has been cool too. What have you learned? Last thing and most important lesson learned – to keep my seam ripper close! I must admit, the seam ripper is one of my favorite tools!

What would I do differently? Mostly starting on the weekend. It is so much easier to get my projects started and done when they aren’t competing with everything else during the week. What will you do differently next month?

Next month promises to be just as full and busy with more sewing and new projects. I’ve picked up over a dozen new patterns and I’m excited to start using them. Plans for next month: doll clothes, pair of pants, dress, and a wildcard!

I’d love to hear about what you’re working on this week and what are you looking to start next month.

Until then…

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