December 2, 2016

Share The Gift…

Share The Gift

…of sewing this holiday season. Sewing at one point in our history was a skill passed down from generation to generation. Not only as a means to create clothing and other items for the family and home but as a method of building community. A community of sewers not only pass on their skills and knowledge but offer support and help one another manage their stress by simply listening and sharing their own stories. So as we focus on Christmas and all the lovely gifts we can buy – why not share the gift a sewing?

We all know the great feeling we get each time we finish a new project or master a new skill or technique. Why wouldn’t we want to share that feeling? Yes, sewing takes time and effort but the rewards can’t be beat and it lasts a lifetime!

Have you shared your love of sewing with anyone new lately?

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Kesha is our resident expert on fabric, sewing, and fun DIY projects. She writes about sewing, patterns, and fun projects. She also likes to write about local events featuring fabric, design inspiration, and more.

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