January 6, 2017

Week 1 Sewing Challenge – Part 2

I’m pretty excited about the progress of my dress and wanted to give you a quick update on how it was coming along! Project #2 is looking good. I wanted to use a fun print so I decided to go with another Kokka Fabric which is a cotton/linen blend. Everything has been cut out and is ready for me to start adding darts and some of the other details. As always I washed and pressed my fabric. Hopefully, there is no additional shrinkage. Here are a couple of pictures of my progress thus far. I’m hoping to have this wrapped up later this evening so I can get to work on my blouse. The pattern I’m using for the dress btw is Simplicity 1609. Remember, I have a thing for retro fashion right and just love the dare I say it, “simplicity” of the dress. Nice simple lines which makes it easy to go with striking bold prints.

Front of Dress
Front of dress
Back of Dress
Back of dress
Front and Back Facings
Front and back facings

Off to get back to it! Oh yeah, Happy Friday!!

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